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Innfluence Reference Documentation#

Welcome in the Innfluence world, and thank you for choosing our hotel management software. The business solutions offered by Innfluence allow you to improve your current workflows and open your hotel to the world. Infinite possibilities are now in your hands...

Who should use Innfluence?#

Innfluence is targeted at businesses wanting to use an efficient and secure product for managing their property.

Even though the software is able to manage an unlimited number of rooms, it has been designed for the specific needs of small and medium hotels. It has been conceived to be able to run on multiple computer architectures, such as a single computer or a complex network.

Boost your productivity!#

Innfluence will allow you to easily manage you daily reservation process. You will be able to take reservations and payments from the Internet, manage your clients, broaden your marketing actions using powerful data analysis tools and more. If you currently have a manual planning (paper, or even Excel), you will be amazed by the new possibilities Innfluence gives you.


In order to obtain a management solution tailored to your hotel, you will need to customize the software. By reading through this User's Guide you will be able to customize the system to meet your own business needs, and you'll learn how to get the most out of the tool.

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